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During a time when it is more important than ever, your business needs to be lean and efficient.  Many times when an aircraft broker or a charter company has an aircraft for sale, lease or charter, professional photographs of the plane takes a back seat or is overlooked entirely. Or, in the worst scenario, someone in the company who has some extra time and a camera, but no photography experience at all does it. This can actually be detrimental to the marketing campaign of that airplane.

These people are quite unskilled in photography, and lack experience in using post-editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. It is very important that business owners realize that they need to do what they do best, which is run the company. As a business owner or manager, it would be a wise decision to realize that the professionals should be photographing their aircraft.

It is important to keep up to date on trends in photography, such as new cameras, various tools to light up the aircraft interior, and where to place the jet for exterior photographs that will be pleasing to your target audience.  As a professional aviation photographer, I can recommend to you, the best photographs for the advertising campaign. A company that deals with multi-million dollar aircraft must be certain to always produce the most professional images possible to enhance your company’s reputation.  If you place “snap-shots” in an advertisement, the target audience could look elsewhere for their next aircraft.

Once I photograph an aircraft, I will deliver to you, incredibly beautiful images that will showcase the beauty of the aircraft you have for sale, lease or charter. Today, more than ever, you want dynamic photographs to entice your target audience to look at your ad in Executive Controller, Business Air, World Aircraft Sales and Charter Hub magazines.

 Choosing the photographer that best suits a company should be taken seriously. Business owners should take into consideration the type of work the photographer has done in the past. Do they have experience in this field and can they provide you referrals and testimonies from previous clients? Will they go the extra mile to learn all about this aircraft and the key selling points, of it? Do they have longevity in the area of aviation photography? For over 10 years, I have produced incredibly outstanding aviation photographs to my client.

Would you like me to produce images that draw your target market into your advertisements?  By choosing me to be a part of your marketing strategy team, this will allow your aircraft to look flawless, yet realistic, and not like a rendering or have the jet misrepresented to your prospective clients.

Don’t just advertise your jets.  SELL THEM !!






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